Four abstracts from our group receive a Magna Cum Laude Merit award in the 2015 Annual Meeting of ISMRM. These awards are given to trainees whose abstract scored in the top 15%. Barbara receives the award for her abstract entitled “Orthogonally combined motion- and diffusion-sensitized driven equilibrium (OC-MDSDE) preparation for improved vessel signal suppression in 3D TSE imaging of peripheral nerves”. Michael receives two awards for his abstracts entitled “Removing the confounding effect of the fat component in ADC quantification of the vertebral bone marrow water component” and “MRS-based vertebral bone marrow fat quantification using prior fat spectrum characterization and T2 correction”. Stefan receives the award for his abstract entitled “Addressing phase errors in quantitative water-fat imaging at 3 T using a time-interleaved multi-echo gradient-echo acquisition “.